Dear Readers,

When my wife, Patricia, and I launched Cuban Art News in December 2009, our mission was simple: to spread the news worldwide about Contemporary Cuban art and culture.

Cuban art News was one of the first bilingual publications to promote Contemporary Cuban Art as a vital presence on an international platform. For many of its readers, Cuban Art News was a first exposure to Contemporary Cuban art and culture on the island and beyond. Today, Cuban Art News is read in 177 countries. We’ve never played politics, never accepted donations, or taken ads from anywhere. We’re proud of that.

We like to think that our decade of work—and its 850 articles—have played a part in advancing contemporary Cuban art internationally, in museum exhibitions, private collections, mainstream auction houses, and gallery representation. 

The time has come to pass the torch to the next generation, and Cuban Art News will cease publication as of today.

We do, however, have a give for you: the legacy of our archives. A chronicles of Contemporary Cuban Art form the last decade.

Cuban Art News will maintain a free, searchable database of 850 stories, with photos, videos, interviews. They are for you, our devoted students, curators, collectors, artists, writers. Use them for your research, and reading pleasure. You may access the archive at the same URL…

Facebook and Instagram: Cuban Art News will still be on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you, Susan Delson, editor extraordinaire, who made the most of our modest publication, turning it into a “go-to” for all. Abelardo Mena, curator, and Havana editor, without you, there would be no Cuban Art News or Farber Collection. Thanks as well to contributing editor Nadine Covert, creative director Dean Roman (, and translator Danays Arzuaga Díaz.

And finally, dear readers, Patricia and I thank YOU for your encouragement and support through the years.

With warm good wishes,

Howard Farber


Cuban Art News