Rafael Domenech (1989)

Colaborative Sistem, 2017-18

Mixed media installations, indoor and outdoor sculptures and table with books

Lately, Rafael has been seduced by the idea of the space not only as an exhibition place but as an active space of thinking and process. Also, collaboration is a key notion of his current work.

These works revolve ideas of standardization, information, reuse, contamination, and also sedimentation, language, and means of production. So memory continues to occupy a preponderant place in his work. The sculptures, collages, and books contain information and materials gathered from the different urban contexts. Overlapping, the city is present as well. The shape of the table, for example, in which the viewer is involved in a more interactive process, questions the protocols between work, spectator, and institution and creates a new geography. This idea was inspired by the Naked City, a project by Guy Debord and his derive concept.

As a result, all these works of abstract visuality enter into an engaging quarrel with the sociological and anthropological information contained in the pieces. They are abstract archives, depots of superposed cultures. These metaphors can summarize his work.