Reynier Leyva Novo (1983)

The Scents of War, 2009

Fragrances, glass bottle, and written text (cut-out in vinyl)

Texts by José Abreu Cardet, Cuban Historian

Perfume by Yanelda Mendoza, Alchemists

Edition of 3 and 2 A/P

Work exhibited, among others, in ILLUMInations, Pabellón de América Latina en la 51 Bienal de Venecia. IILA Isolotto dell’Arsenale, Sala Editore, 2011.

Three perfumes Obtained from the pertinent distinctive elements, fragrances aim to conjure up three major combats from Cuban 19th-century independence wars: Jimaguayú, from the 10-year War (1868-1878), Dos Ríos and San Pedro, from the 1895 War (1895-1898). These battles were selected because three very outstanding leaders of this period were killed in action there: Major General Ignacio Agramonte y Loynaz; Major General and President of the Republic in Arms José Martí; and Lieutenant General Antonio Maceo, respectively.